Monday, March 24, 2014

Sailing team so far

I'm really enjoying being on the sailing team so far. We've been in the weight room every other day and there's plans to rig the boats on Friday. I've been getting stronger and more prepared to actually sail. Since there's not much to talk about I'll share some ideas for my speech at the end of the year. 

First and foremost I'd really love to give a TED talk. I know I've mentioned it before but I figured I'd reiterate. These are only a few ideas but I might be able to make a great speech out of them. When I was doing insanity I didn't really notice any outward appearance change with my physique. Now I didn't really care about that, but it still would've felt a little more rewarding had I noticed some more significant change. Only after a couple weeks of lifting weights, I'm already noticing a bigger change than I had throughout the entirety of insanity. I realized that insanity was mainly cardio, so it makes sense that there wouldn't be as drastic a change as I thought. This also got me thinking about the topic of change in general. I feel almost as if I never did insanity then I would've been far worse off when we starting going to the weight room. All those push ups really did help. I feel like if I didn't change how I was on the inside, changing myself on the outside would've been nearly pointless. When you want to make a change for the better, always look within yourself first. Once you are who you want to be, then you can focus more on trivial things like outward appearance.

One little thing I'd also like to touch on is the idea of perseverance. When I was midway through the program, I started to develop pain in my knees. At first I just tried to work through it, but there was a point when I realized I needed to slow down and think. I found a simple solution rather quickly, knee braces, but I realize now that if I had tended to it earlier I wouldn't have had to struggle getting up the stairs at school. That was also something I had to persevere through, but that was as a consequence of my delay. On a slightly separate note, I also felt like insanity helped me out with being on a schedule and committing to something, that way come sailing I've been more prepared to be on a schedule. 

Well those are just a couple of ideas, I'm not sure if they're any good but I'll see where they take me

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  1. I think those ideas are great, David! It sounds like they are all kind of related too - fixing your inside and persevering both go together so I think you could work both into a speech. Maybe your theme could be like "What I Learned about Sailing that Doesn't Really Have Anything to do with Sailing". I'm really glad that you're enjoying doing the sailing team. It's nice to know that all of your preparation outside of the sport was worth it, and really prepared you for beginning to do the sport.