Sunday, March 2, 2014

Feeling a bit lazy

So far my plans to continue exercising have come to a grinding halt. I haven't done anything for like a week and it's slightly frusterating. I know I should be excersing, but I just can't find the motivation. Thankfully with the upcoming general sailing meeting I'll be able to join the team and learn more about how I can train more specifically for sailing. I'm thinking that will help motivate me more so that I'll get more things done. What helps even more is that my mentor sent me a book with even more information on the basics of sailing so that will help immensely as well. Next week I'll be sure to evaluate what the coach(es) tells everyone. On a broader scale I'm really enjoying this 20 time project, even though it hasn't gone anything like I thought it would. It started off as a general idea of, hey it'd be pretty cool to learn how to sail. Then I had the idea to try insanity, which I hadn't even considered when I chose to do this project. Even joining the sailing team was something that, for whatever reason, I didn't think of. There were a bunch of twists and turns along this project and it's funny looking back on it now how many of them I didn't see coming in the slightest. The knee pain was certainly one of the negative ones. It hurt walking up the stairs at school, but I pushed through it anyways. The time in class that we get is really nice though. Although there isn't much I can do in school for my project, it's very nice to have a day to write a part of my blog and it's just relaxing to have the day off from English stuff. The thing I like the most is also the thing I like the least, the TED talks that we have to give at the end of the year. I like it because it's really cool knowing that a huge organization is interested in what the students are doing and that people from around the world are trying to book seats at our event. The thing that I don't like is that speech. Not the speech in general but, at least for me, it's talking in front of your peer or if you get selected to talk at the event, to thousands of people. I would actually love to be selected to talk at the event, but there's always going to be the fear in the back of my mind that my nerves will get the best of me. My nervousness about it is what I really dislike and not the speech in itself. One thing I would probably do differently is I would've picked something that doesn't revolve around the seasons. Since the waters frozen there's no way to sail. That being said I'm still glad I'm doing this and I'm excited for Friday.

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  1. David - What a great post! I think it's awesome how reflective you are about your failures and successes with this project, and how self aware you are about giving a speech at the TED talk. I think taking risks is one of the hardest things in life but the payoff is so great! It's interesting to think how you might have thought differently about the project if it had been something you really could have worked on during the winter. I'm excited to hear more about sailing once you meet with that club!