Sunday, February 23, 2014

Finally Done!!!

I'm finally done with the insanity workout! It's been a long, slightly extended 2 months, but I'm finally done. I'm so glad and I'll keep exercising so I retain my fitness. In terms of actually sailing my plan is just to wait until spring. Problem is, we've had such a crazy winter that the lakes might not thaw until much later. This was brought to my attention by my friend and his dad who are experienced sailors. My mentor said he'd take me out sailing as soon as possible and I'll learn what he has to teach me. Once I join the sailing team I'm sure I'll be at least proficient at it by the end of the season. Plus my friend also informed me of groups that sail in the summer and said I should join. I'm not sure if I will during the summer, but I'm definately thinking about it. In the meantime I'll just keep exercising and read up on some of the things my mentor gave me. I think achieving my goal is very real, but it will take hard work, dedication, and focus. I'll probably need to work on the focus part though

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  1. David - Congrats on finishing Insanity! What an accomplishment - how do you feel after doing it? Do you think all of that hard work was worth it? It seems like you're going to have to be very disciplined between now and the summer to keep up your shape for sailing. I find that you have one of the harder projects because there's not much that you can do in the winter. I think it's great that you are self-aware of your need to keep yourself busy until you can actually get out there and that you have to work on being focused. How do you think you might do this? Maybe setting goals for yourself of doing 2 things per week. Good luck!