Saturday, February 8, 2014

Delayed by three days

Well I still have three more days of insanity left even though I was supposed to be done on Sunday. I decided to go up north with my friend Reilly and go snowboarding for the first time and it was really fun. I figured it was sort of a workout and I was pretty tired by the end of it. I'm still going to finish the last couple days of insanity but it'll probably be after this week. There's so much homework I have to do and I can't afford to spend time on it or else I won't be able to get all of it done. Once midwinter break starts then I'll finish the last of the workouts. After that I'll still excercise but not six days a week. I figure maybe two or three days a week would be much more reasonable. I'm just focusing on making it through the week and getting my work done.


  1. David - I admire your commitment to finishing your Insanity workout. I've fallen off the consistency lately of doing it myself. I like reading your thoughts about how you're going to manage your time and how your workouts are coming alone. However, I'd love it if you'd also post some more about what you're currently learning about sailing, or how that final project is coming along? I know you're working out in order to get in shape to sail, but are you doing anything else? How did you get the idea for this project? Looking forward to continue to follow you!

  2. Thank you so much! Sorry about not replying sooner. Those are actually some really great ideas and I'll be sure to incorporate them into my next blog post. How far are you into Insanity?

  3. Thanks for the reply! I am not doing Insanity the way it was meant to be done actually, just as an additional workout when I have time during the week. I can't make a 6 day a week commitment, and I really rather run outside but since the weather isn't cooperating out here in the Northeast, I can't always get a run in. On those days, I do insanity instead. I thought I was in shape until I started doing it!